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DC 5V-9V Dual Servo Motor Drive Module Controller for SG90/MG995/MG996 Robot

DC 5V-9V Dual Servo Motor Drive Module Controller for SG90/MG995/MG996 Robot

Brand New The servo control module is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use servo controller. Supply three servo control modes : Knob adjustment, back to center function.It can be used to test servo motor.



    1>.Support manual control;

    2>.Support UART control;

    3>.Support back to function;

    4>.Support 2pcs servo motors at the same time;

    5>.High precision;

    6>.MCU STM8S103 Output high precision PWM signal;

    7>.Button change work mode;

    8>.Support 2S chargeable lithium battery.


    1>.Input voltage: DC 5V-9V(change according to actual);

    2>.Control channel:2CH;

    3>.Control precision:0.09°;


    5>.Support cycle:20ms;

    6>.Support servo motor:Pulse Width 0.5s~2.5s ;

    7>.Operating Temperature:-20℃~70℃;

    8>.Operating Humidity:5%-90%RH;


Wiring method:

    Users can input voltage from green terminal or white XH2.54mm female socket.

    It just need connect to power supply and motor if users no need control servo motor by PC or MCU.

    It need connect to PC or MCU if control servo by PC or MCU.We can provide a soft for PC.But users need write code by yourself and we can not provide test code.Because the controllers used by each person are different.Request your understanding!

    Step 1:Connect input power supply at input terminal;

    Step 2:Connect servo motor at 2*3Pin black male pins;

    VCC:It connects to positive pole at servo motor;

    GND:It connects to negative pole at servo motor;

    S:It connects to input signal at servo motor.

Manual Control:

    Select to Manual Control by button ‘S’ when LED indicator D1 is turn ON and D2 will OFF;

    Manual Control include Knob Control and UART Control.The default is Knob Control.Automatic switching between two control modes.In other words, select the knob mode when checking that the potentiometer is rotating.Select UART mode when the UART receives a valid signal.

    5.1>Knob Control:

        Directly rotate the potentiometer, the servo motor will change angle with rotation.

        Rotation angle range 0~180°.

        Two servo motor will make the same action if connect to two servo motor.

    5.2>.UART Control:

        It can get UART command signal from PC soft or MCU.Baud rate is 9600 and compatible 3.3V/5V TTL level signal.It can control 2pcs servo motors separately.

        Command format and description:#<ch>P<time>!

        5.2.1>.#:Starting symbol, indispensable;

        5.2.2>.<ch>:Servo motor number.Range is 00 or 01;

        5.2.3>.P:Fixed symbol, indispensable;

        5.2.4>.<time>:PWM width.Rang is 0500~2500 corresponding to 0~180°.

        5.2.5>.!:Fixed symbol, indispensable;

        For example:

            Send #00P1500! means servo motor M0 turn to position at 90°.

            Send #01P1000! means servo motor M1 turn to position at 45°.

        Users can also not send commands but just operate on control soft.

Back to center function:

    Select to Back to Center Control by button ‘S’ when LED indicator D2 is turn ON and D1 will OFF.

    Servo motor M0 and M1 will turn to center when select this mode.


    1>.Please provide enough power, otherwise the module or servo motor may not work properly.

    2>.Situation by power shortage:LED indicator blinks;Servo motor is not controlled.It need add input current in these situation.

    3>.The control software LCSC supports Chinese and English. After installation, the Chinese language is displayed by default. Users can choose to display English as shown in description picture.


    1>.Smart robot;


    3>.Toy production;


    5>.Technology display;

Package Included:

    1Pcs X 2-Channel Servo Motor Controller

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DC 5V-9V Dual Servo Motor Drive Module Controller for SG90/MG995/MG996 Robot

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