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1 set New Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Tank Chassis Electronic Manufacture DIY Kit Tracking Car kit 4WD For Arduino Robot

Product Introduction: This Car kit, is designed based on the Arduino uno board, together with 2-channel & 16-channel servo shield board to d..


10W/20W/30W/50W/70W/80W/100W Waterproof LED Driver

code 9776 100% brand new, Constant Current LED Driver.PLEASE NOTE: this is a LED driver, do not use it as a power adapter. Fea..


30cm USB Cable for Arduino

IntroductionThis product is an Arduino printing wire. Its length is 30cm, which can very conveniently to connect your PC, to avoid too long cabl..


4 Frequency GSM GPRS Arduino Shield Insert Directly UNO R3 Wireless Communication

IntroductionThis LinkSprite ATWIN Quad-band GPRS/GSM shield has PCB etched antenna, so n..


5pcs/lot MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0 Expansion Board for Arduino Electronic Building Blocks Dedicated FZ0045

MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0 Sensor Expansion Board for Arduino Electronic Building Blocks Dedicated FZ0045FeaturesFor Arduino is an open-source phys..


7 inch TFT LCD LCM TFT01 ITDB02 Display Screen Compatible with Arduino

IntroductionThis series include size: 2.4”, 3.2”, 3.2”-W (Wide screen), 4.3”, 5.0”, 7.0”. This item is the 7 inch TFT screen. If need other size..


Android Smart Home Diy Kit UNO R3 ATMEAG MEGA ARDUINO Platform Development Eight Kinds Application Modes IOT Internet RC Wireless

IntroductionCore is the concept of smart home make it easy for people to enjoy life.Go out in the outside, you can by telephone, computer to rem..


Android Smart Home Kit / 8 kinds of application mode Arduino SmartArduino

Shipping ListARDUINO UNO R3 development board: 1 pcsARDUINO V5.0 sensor expansion board: 1 pcsBluetooth module: 1 pcsLCD1602 Module: 1 pc(weld p..


Arduino 2.8 Inch TFT LCD Shield Board Extension Touch Screen Module UNO Extension Directly Inserted

This LCD shield module can be directly inserted into Arduino control board. ResourceReceiving time = Processing time +Shippin..


Arduino 2560 + ESP8266 Wireless WiFi Shield

IntroductionESP8266-Based Serial WiFi Shield for Arduino is designed and developed by Shenzhen Doctors of Intelligence & Technology (SZDOIT)..


Arduino Accessory Four Digital Tube Display Brightness Adjustable Hour LED

IntroductionWhen the module is a 12 feet to take four hours of total Yang digital tube display module (0.36 inches), driver chip for TM1637, jus..


Arduino Accessory Shield for Bluno Extension ATMEGA Expansion Development Board

IntroductionThis Accessory Shield for Bluno is specially made forBluno (BLE with Arduino Uno), which is first of itskind in intergrating BT 4.0(..


Arduino ATMEGA 2560 3.5 inch LCD Display Screen Mega2560 Shield Accessory

SpecificationsName: Mega2560 LCDCan be used directly inserted into Mega2560Shipping ListLCD 2560: 1 pieceDocuments3.5-arduino-2560-Schematics.pd..


Arduino ATMEGA2560 R3 Development Board ATMEGA16U2 MEGA 2560 ATMEGA

HOT Sell!!! NewArrival!!! Special Price!!!IntroductionArduino Mega is a ATmega2560 as the core of the micro controller development board, itself..


Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 IOS Iphone BLE 3 In1 UNO R3 Shield Extension Board Atmega 328P 2560 Robot Car Chassis BT Wireless Remote

IntroductionThis Arduino kit is very convenient to use. You can communication with other deveices (like PC, mobile phone, mobile tank/car) by WI..


Arduino Cduino Uart To Wifi Module Hlk-Rm04 Rm04 Shield Extension Board Atmega 328P Uno R3 Serial Interface Directly Debugging 1 In 2

IntroductionThis Arduino kit is very convenient to use. You can communication with other deveices (like PC, mobile phone, mobile tank/car) by WI..


Arduino Compatible with Improved Version Duemilanove

2009 unique Funduino Duemilanove is equipped with automatic recovery fuse,If you have short circuit, will break immediately. Can be work properl..


Arduino Compatible With Uno R3 Uart Turn Wifi Module Serial Port Hardware Protocol Stack 3In1 Shield Extension Board Diy Zigbee

IntroductionThis product is an Arduino kit that is able to connect with other devices like PC or mobile phone with bluetooth, Zigbee or Cduino b..


Arduino Development Board Cduino Base Power Adapter Omni Directional Antenna WIFI USB Cable Shield

    Shipping List Cduino Development Board: 1 piece Cduino base board: 1pcs WIFI module: 1pcs ..


Arduino Due AT91SAM3X8E 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Development Board

SpecificationName: Intelligent track car/tank chassisThe processor: AT91SAM3X8EAThe working voltage: 3.3 VInput voltage: 7-12VThe input voltage ..


Arduino DUE Development Board ATSAM3X8E Microcontroller ARM Cortex M3 Learning Board

IntroductionThe Iteaduino DUE, is based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Crotex - M3 is the kernel of a micro controller development board, is the Ardui..


Arduino Game Rocker Extension Board Module JoyStick Shield Analog Keyboard Mouse LCD Bluetooth

IntroductionThis product is a Joysstick shield v2.0. It has added a nRF24L01 and a Nokia 5110 LCD ports which makes the second development of th..


Arduino Intelligent RC Car Learning Suite Robot Wireless Control Turtle Arduino Diy Starter Kit

HOT Sell!!! NewArrival!!! Special Price!!!IntroductionIntelligent turtle is a microcontroller learning application development system, the ardui..


Arduino Joystick Buttons Rocker Extension Plate Shields Game Shield Arm Module

IntroductionThisis a joystick shields, expanding PS2 rocker panels. Can be directly pluggedinto the motherboard Arduino, give the Arduino extens..


Arduino JoyStick Shield Game Rocker Extension Plate Analog Keyboard Mouse Function

IntroductionAddnRF24L01 RF interfaceAdd the Nokia 5110 LCD interface, so very convenient game development.Add bluetooth module interface, conven..


Arduino JPEG Arduino RS232 Serial Port Camera Webcam Module UNO R3 Shield Figure

IntroductionLS-Y201 is a highly integrated camera module. The images are taken by some simple commands and compressed by the JPEG. It has been w..


Arduino kit Cduino Base v2 WIFI Module Omni directional Antenna Power Adapter

Shipping ListCduino base board (V2): 1pcsWIFI module: 1pcsOmni directional antenna: 1pcsPower adapter: 1pcsWarm Prompt100% compatible with offic..


Arduino kit Cduino Base WIFI Module Omni directional Antenna Power Adapter

Shipping ListCduino base board: 1pcsWIFI module: 1pcsOmni directional antenna: 1pcsPower adapter: 1pcsWarm Prompt100% compatible with official A..


Arduino Microcontroller Development Board Leaf Maple Cortex M3 STM32 Learning Official Original version

IntroductionThe official product manuals address: stock! Board for red heavy gold, and improved.Correcte..


Arduino Motor Driver Shield Board L298 Extension Board Expansion Module Car Robot

IntroductionThis is a L298 two-way DC motor extension board. It can stack on the arduino and control the two-way DC motor without extra wires. F..